Our Team 

Sone Ryuichi
Founder/Creative Director/Top Stylist

Known for his versatility & dedication to helping clients find their own style, Sone’s talent has inspired a deep connection with his loyal clientele, allowing him to open Room and Nook.

With over 17 years of experience, Sone is highly skilled in all aspects of hairdressing. He is particularly well-versed in creating special hair colours such as purple ash, grey ash ombre, silver blue hair & more. Having developed his own unique colouring techniques, Sone is often invited as
a guest lecturer by top-tier hair salons. 

Whether you're looking for that perfect brown hair colour that matches your skin tone, or wanting to step out of the box with a creative colour, Sone will not disappoint!

Nook Hair Salon Hairstylist Sone

Bleach Hair Colours, Non-Bleach Hair Colours (3D Hair Colour, Highlights, Bayalage, Ombre) 

Nook Hair Salon Hairstylist Wallace

Wallace Sum
Freelance Stylist

After years as a director stylist at a top Japanese hair salon in Singapore, Malaysian-born stylist Wallace decided to step out of his comfort zone by joining Nook as a freelance stylist, hoping to gain fresh inspiration from his beloved trade. 

Skilled in both classic & creative styles, his greatest joy lies in creating #waterhaircolours; cascading locks of shiny & clear colours reminiscent of
a beautiful waterfall.

Wallace believes that communication is key to ensuring customers are fully satisfied, & is often described as friendly, humble & understanding of personal preferences by his regulars.

The joy he feels in his daily life  is also reflected in his hobby, as he loves recording & sharing his work with his customers. ​

Hair colouring (Water hair colours), Tokio Inkarami Treatment

Treatmentologist Hairstylist

While no stranger to Asian hair, Russian-born Daria brings her expertise in handling Caucasian hair to Nook, with many expats in Singapore visiting her for salon treatments to repair hair.
Whether you’re up for a chat or wanting to relax quietly, Daria will make you feel right at home with her friendly nature! Reflective of her nurturing personality, Daria prioritises healthy hair, swearing by organic hair treatments as much as possible.
Specialising in gentle hair straightening treatments, Daria fixes hair damage and frizzy hair without compromising further on hair integrity. Consider her Nanoplastia treatment. Popular in Europe, it is designed to restore hair with natural ingredients such as amino acids and collagen, smoothening hair and eliminating curls. Or hair botox; a non-chemical, deep conditioning hair treatment chockfull of ceramides to repair damaged and broken hair.
Either way, Daria will leave your hair feeling soft, silky and lustrous!


Hair treatment for Frizzy Hair, Hair Straightening Treatment, Keratin Hair Treatment
(Hair Botox, Nanoplastia Hair Treatment) 

Nook Hair Salon Manager Alicia

Salon Manager

With her calm demeanour, Alicia manages Nook’s daily salon operations.


Experienced in wellness and spa management, Alicia always strives to ensure that everyone has a relaxing time here. If there is any way to make your visit more comfortable, do not hesitate to approach her!

Having started off as a hair assistant, Alicia also continues to assist the stylists in realising their customers’ ideal hairstyle.