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The Napla N. Color Shampoo (320ml), enriched with components that retain the shine and softness of dyed hair, comes in various versions catered to specific hair colors.


The purple variant is ideal for hair dyed in shades of purple or blue. It effectively combats undesired yellow tones enhancing the richness of your color.


The silver version of this shampoo is specifically tailored for individuals with silver, ash, grey, or green hair. It not only protects your hair color, but also provides an added layer of moisture. 


Pink variant is specially formulated for those with red or pink hair shades. It efficiently neutralizes any green tones, providing a vibrant color and healthy glow to your hair.

Napla N. Color Shampoo

SH-Pi: SH-Pi
SH-Si: SH-Si
SH-Pu: SH-Pu
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