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Inspired by The Edith
Farnsworth House

Nook's concept was borne when the founder, Sone first heard the story of a lady named Dr. Edith Farnsworth.

A busy surgeon, she yearned for weekends of serenity. She thus commissioned for a property to be built, away from the daily grind of the city. That location was the wooded outskirts of Chicago.


Surrounded by lush greens & the flowing Fox River, the now-historical Farnsworth House became her weekend retreat.

Nook Hair Salon Singapore's Hairdressing Booth
Nook Hair Salon Singapore's Customer No Bleach Hair Colour

"When I laid eyes on 41 Duxton Hill, it was here that I felt that I could envision this concept.


Antique French windows overlook blue skies & the lush flora & fauna outside. Like its inspiration, the interior is kept as natural as possible, creating 'a sanctuary in conversation with nature'.

As a hair salon in the Central Business District, it is my hope that Nook will be a haven where everyone, especially busy working women (much like the good surgeon) can unwind at."

- Sone

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